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Mediacom 1Gig Internet


 per month for the first 12 months±. Plus activation, installation, modem rental, taxes and fees.

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Mediacom 1 Gig±  Internet service will dramatically improve your entire online experience. Mediacom 1Gig± Internet expands broadband capacity to new limits, and is ready to accomodate whatever new technological advances the future brings! 1 Gig± download speeds mean that more people in your household can do more, on more devices seamlessly. Mediacom 1Gig± is the perfect plan for households with large families, students with roommates, heavy data users, or homes running smart appliances. Featuring speeds up to 1,000 Mbps ±, 1Gig± Internet service reduces download times to a fraction of what you’re used to, plus you can stream HD movies, videos, or play online games in real-time! Mediacom 1Gig± is currently available in the entire state of Iowa wherever Mediacom Internet service is available, as well as the cities of Columbia, Jefferson City and Holts Summit, Missouri.

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Up to 1000.0 Mbps
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Up to 50.0 Mbps
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