What Is a Bundle Plan?

A bundle plan is created when you combine two or more types of communications services together on a single comprehensive bill. Common types of services you might see bundled are: TV plans, internet plans, home security plans, home telephone plans and cell phone service plans. Bundle deals are usually created by internet service providers as a way to attract new customers, and they are usually priced below the cost of purchasing each of the services individually. For this reason, product bundles are attractive to consumers, so bundle promotions  are also great for the service providers themselves.

One of the most popular types of service bundles is a triple play bundle, which includes a TV package, internet service, and home phone service together on one bill. Some internet service providers have even begun to partner with cell phone providers and home security companies to offer bundle packages that include cell phone plans as well as home security plans to their customers.

Some internet service providers allow their customers to pick and choose which services they want, while others have certain products that are required in order to buy the bundle package. For instance, CenturyLink requires their customers to order a plan that includes internet service if they want to order a home telephone line. There are several varieties of product bundling methods, and the following are the ones consumers are most likely to encounter in the telecom industry:

  • Pure bundle – a pure bundle is an "all or nothing" type of bundle that allows the customer to purchase a bundle of products or services, but they don't have the option to pick and choose the products and services components they want.
  • Mixed bunde – a mixed bundle means that a customer has the choice of buying all of the products and services in a package deal, or they can select and buy individual products or services from the bundle. Also known as an a la carte bundle or a build your own bundle.
  • Joint bundle – another variation of pure bundling in which two or more products or services are offered together at a reduced price.

The biggest advantage of buying a packaged service bundle is of course the savings it passes on to the customer. A service bundle lets you minimize your overall communications services costs by mixing and matching products and services to meet your needs and budget. Most consumers try to get the best combination of products and services with the best value for their money when they go shopping. A communications service bundle is no different, because it allows consumers to purchase the services they want in a bundle package for less than the regular price in most cases. A service bundle also allows customers to experience a product or service they may not have purchased otherwise if it wasn't offered as part of the bundle deal.