Cox Contour Stream + Internet Preferred Double Play Bundle


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Cox TV + Internet Double Play Bundle
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Cox Contour Stream TV + Internet Preferred Double Play Bundle offers a cord-cutting alternative that's fully customizeable plus fast, reliable cable internet service for your home! With Cox Contour Stream TV, there's no more paying for channels you'll never watch. Access subscription apps like Netflix, HBO Now, Disney+, or Fubo TV, and you can download free apps like Pluto TV, Tubi, Filmrise, and more. Stream on up to 4 devices simultaneously. Each Cox Contour Stream box includes one voice remote, so you can find content to watch or download new apps hands-free! Cox Internet Preferred offers download speeds of up to 150 Mbps - that's plenty of speed to connect multiple devices, even with heavy-duty online activities like playing online games, streaming music or 4K videos without lagging or getting bogged down. Cox Contour Stream + Internet Preferred Double Play Bundle also includes great extras like online protection from Cox Security Suite, plus access to the Cox Wifi Hotspot network at over 3 million locations nationwide!

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